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Swingbar-Reaction Bar Nutrunners

Cleco Swing Bar Nutrunners are used in restricted space applications where great amounts of torque need to applied to a fastener. These high quality nutrunners feature a swingbar that freely rotates 360 degrees allowing for its positioning at an appropriate bracing point without requiring disassembly or reassembly of the spline. Once in position, the reaction bar absorbs the torque reaction generated during the fastener run down.

The torque output of any stall nutrunner is controlled by adjusting the air pressure to the tool. Cleco Selectork swing bar nutrunners feature a built in pressure regulator that eliminates the need to have a seperate pressure regulator installed in the airline network. The integrated air regulator allows for pressure adjustments between 60 and 90 PSI. Additionally, Cleco Swingbar nutrunners utilize a single, powerful motor that limits speed shifts and offers a fast and accurate rundown regardless of the type of joint.


                                                                  Cleco Selectork Built In Air Regulator

Features and Benefits:                                     

  • Reversible - a simple to use and convenient slide reverse switch allows for the tightening or loosening of fasteners with a single tool.
  • Ergonomics - comfort molded handle and lighter weight reduces operator fatigue and improves productivity.
  • Dual Air Inlets - top and bottom air inlets allow for adaptation to the work area.
  • Low Torque Reaction - the infinite position reaction bar can be quickly moved to an appropriate brace point, eliminating the reaction forces of the run down.
  • Made in USA




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