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Cleco Nutrunners


How to Select Your Cleco Nutrunner...

Cleco offers over 500 varieties of nutrunners most of which can be equipped with different final drive options (hex, crow's foot, Keller wrench, etc.). This in turn generates over 3,000 different nutrunner combinations, allowing the exact tool to be built according to the needs of a specific application.

Before selelecting a tool for any assembly application, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  1. Operator ergonomics involved with the process (man | tool | task relationship)
  2. Torque and speed requirements
  3. Accessibility to the fastener (resticted area or open space)
  4. Joint variations (soft vs. hard)
  5. Operator experience level and ability
  6. Air supply to the production line

Features of Cleco Nutrunners: 

  • Optional air signal connection for assembly line automation integration.
  • Bell shaped housing improves ergonomics and prevents slippage.
  • Large cavity for muffling material results in quiet operation without affecting performance.
  • Torque range and RPM speed laser etched on body of tool for ease of identification.
  • Short stroke shut off valve, cuts off air flow in milliseconds once the tool has arrived at its pre-set torque.
  • Low inertia air motor provides more usable power in a smaller package.
  • Hardened steel bearing plates assure longer life, resist wear.
  • Highly visible indexed reverse ring for ease of operation.
  • "Jeweled" bearings fully support clutch assembly for longer service life.
  • Improved computer designed Clecomatic clutch delivers longer service life with reduced torque degradation due to wear.
  • Externally adjustable clutch with a straight slot screwdriver. Convenient access slot allows view of setting.
  • Nutrunner is easily assembled and disassembled with a standard spanner wrench.
  • Low profile splined angle head allows simplified orientation of angle head to throttle.
  • Precsion machined bevel gears and angle head eliminates shims for easy maintenance and longer gear life.
  • Zerk fitting style access plug simplifies angle head lubrication.
  • Polymer coated angle head is durable and reduces in system damage. 
  • High performance motor is backed by a ISO 5393 certification to ensure repeatability.
  • An externally adjusted and indicated clutch, and ergonomic handle.

For help choosing the correct Ingersoll Rand Air Nutrunner for your application, please call (800) 608-5210 or email