Air Needle Scalers


Pneumatic needle scalers, needle guns, and chisel scalers are used to accomplish a variety of surface preparation tasks such as the removal of welding slag, scale, rust, and paint. International Air Tool Company offers both the inline and pistol grip varieties. Choose from a wide range a top quality air needle scalers such as: Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Desoutter, Cleco, Sioux Tools, Texas Pneumatic, Michigan Pneumatic, Master Power and more.

Needle scalers are used across many industries, but are especially useful in shipyards, foundries, and mechanical tank cleaning. Needle scalers, (also commonly referred to as needle guns), are versatile percussive tools that can reduce the number of man hours required to perform surface preparation tasks. Some needle scalers hit faster with shorter strokes, while others hit less frequently, but with longer strokes. The former being better for paint and rust removal, while the latter more effective for welding flux removal.

Intermational Air Tool Company offers replacement needle sets in standard steel, stainless steel, and berylium copper materials. Most replacement needles come in 19 needle sets, measure 5" in length and feature the standard round shape. 7" length and chisel tip needles are also available upon request. Call for details.

Also, be sure to inquire about our new line of vibration reduced tools which allow for better ergonomics and less on the job fatigue. For more information on vibration reduced needle scalers be sure to check out our blog on Low Vibration Needle Scalers.

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