Air Grinders

Straight wheel grinders, grinder tool like handheld bench grinders, employ thick wheels or stones to execute their functions. Angle grinders on the other hand are more compact, adaptable, and less aggressive than vertical grinders because they hold grinding or cut-off wheels at a right angle to the tool body. Cut-off tools are specially designed cutting tools that provide smoother cuts than angle grinders. While die grinders conduct more detailed work than bigger grinders by grinding, deburring, and polishing with burs, mounted points, and other attachments. For extra-fine control, pencil grinders are also available for those intricate smaller and narrower jobs that even a die grinder might be too big.

With close to two decades of experience working in fabrication and metalworking facilities, we understand the importance that a pneumatic grinder plays in your production process. From basic 1/4" collet right angle die grinders to high output 4 horsepower vertical cup stone grinders, we offer quality air tools from the industry's finest manufacturers. What makes us different from other distributors is that we really understand the tools we sell.

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