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Quick-Change Discs

Quick-Change Sanding Discs perform high speed applications on most types of ferrous non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, fiberglass, plastic, glass and composites. Quick Change Sanding Discs are widely used abrasive discs which aid to achieve finer surfaces. These abrasive sanding discs add sturdiness and extend performance life, while staying flexible to some extent to enable grinding on flat and contoured surfaces. These Quick-Change Discs successfully achieve excellent sanding results quickly in grinding, deburring, blending and finishing use cases. In terms of abrasives, Silicon carbide quick-change discs are durable and sharp abrasives, making them an ideal choice for cutting hard materials like metal, stone, paint, and wood finishes. Quick Change Abrasive Discs are available in a range of sizes, coarse and fine grits and quick change sanding systems, making it easy to pick according to your sanding needs. International Air Tool Co. offers sanding discs from the leading brands in the industry. Quick Change Discs offered by International Air Tool Co. are the best performing, longest lasting abrasive discs with superior performance and speedy removal rates.

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