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Ingersoll Rand Multi-Vane Air Motors


Ingersoll Rand Multi-Vane Air Motors are a more efficient alternative to electrical sources. Prevent motor burn out and damage while experiencing a long, low maintenance life. Only needing a clean, dry lubricated supply, Ingersoll Rand Air Motors have maximum horsepower in a minimum size. Smaller, lighter and less expensive than piston motors of similar power. Due to their simple design and construction, they can be operated in most any position. Vane motors are available in a broad range of speeds, torques and power and are the most widely used type of air motor. Cut stress to your environment with the air cushioned start-up on Ingersoll Rand In-Line Multi-Vane Air Motors. Forget heat build up and sparks with these pneumatic motors, great for use in flammable or explosive applications. Spur Gear Multi-Vane Air Motors by Ingersoll Rand deliver high horsepower to high torque, low rpm applications. Get the most out of your equipment with the proven history of a low and long maintenance life. Rejecting high maintenance upkeep, these air motors only need a clean and dry lubricated supply. Ingersoll Rand Direct Drive Multi-Vane Air Motors have no heat build up or sparks. These air motors can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without burning out or getting damaged. Get maximum horsepower out of a minimum size. Instantly reversible with an air cushioned start-up cuts stress to your equipment. With a proven history of long, low maintenance life, Ingersoll Rand's Air Motors only need a clean, dry lubricated supply.

Note, it is important to remember that the specification listings show only one set of performance figures, at a particular pressure of 90 psig because air motors are designed to produce optimum performance at this pressure. Many other speeds, torques and power can be obtained from the same motor by regulating the pressure, air supply or exhaust. While they will operate at pressures below 40 psig, their performance may not be consistent. They can also be operated above 100 psig, but often at the expense of increased maintenance. Remember, it is important to ensure that the desired air pressure is available at the motor for proper motor operation. A pressure reading at the compressor does not mean that the same pressure will be available to an operating air motor, because of possible restrictions and friction losses in the air system. Exhaust restrictions can also affect air motor operation, and are often the cause of performance problems.


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