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MMP150 Series Air Motors


With a direct drive radial piston air motor design, the MMP150 Series is great for winch and hoist type applications. Ingersoll Rand Piston Air Motors are able to utilize a wide range of speeds with a simple valve on an input air supply line. A clean, dry lubricated supply is all that is needed for these low maintenance air motors.These motors operate at lower speeds than vane motors. Have excellent starting and speed control. Especially good for “lugging” heavy loads at slow speed. Standard operational position is horizontal. Generating power from the natural environment, Ingersoll-Rand air motors are flexible, efficient and are a great alternative to electric motors. 

Remember it is important to ensure that the desired air pressure is available at the motor for proper motor operation. A pressure reading at the compressor does not mean that the same pressure will be available to an operating air motor, because of possible restrictions and friction losses in the air system. Exhaust restrictions can also affect air motor operation, and are often the cause of performance problems.


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