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Walter Straight Grinders

Walter Surface Technologies

The Straight-Mate is a true powerhouse in the world of lightweight straight grinders. Boasting the innovative Dynamax Variable speed control system, this tool offers a level of performance and versatility that is unparalleled in its class., the Straight-Mate is engineered to adapt to a wide array of grinding, polishing, and buffing tasks. Whether you're a professional in the metalworking industry or a craftsman in need of precision and power, this straight grinder promises to be an indispensable addition to your toolkit. At the heart of the Straight-Mate appeal is its lightweight design. Weighing considerably less than many other straight grinders, it prioritizes user comfort without compromising on performance. This lightweight construction ensures that operators can wield the tool comfortably for extended periods, reducing the risk of fatigue and allowing for more efficient and precise work. The Dynamax variable speed control is where this straight grinder truly shines. With the ability to adjust its RPM across a broad spectrum, you have the power to fine-tune the tool to suit the exact demands of your task. Whether you're working on heavy-duty material removal, intricate surface shaping, high-gloss metal polishing, or delicate buffing, this feature enables you to achieve optimal results on a variety of materials and surfaces. Precision becomes second nature with this level of control at your fingertips. It's equally comfortable in removing excess material from a workpiece, smoothing rough surfaces, and achieving a mirror-like finish on metals.

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