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Air Line Swivels


International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company provides a variety of accessories that are specially developed to be used with Chicago Pneumatic Tools & Equipment. Accessories can also be used with other pneumatic products. All accessories can be used for other applications with any pneumatic equipment.


  • In order to get the best performance out of your air line installation it is key to supply air at a constant pressure (6.3 bar). This, together with minimizing the pressure drop, is the primary focus when designing the Chicago Pneumatic couplings, hoses and FRLs. The result is not only a better performance in terms of a reduction of energy costs but also in a better lifetime of the tools.

Ergonomics and Safety:

  • To further improve the comfort of use for our customers we now offer hoses in our EFFI line with lower weight and more flexible. In combination with Easy Flow, Safety couplings, Airlfex and high quality balancers you can build up a workplace where the operators’ safety and ergonomics are in focus.


  • All CP products are developed to perform in industrial applications. Chicago Pneumatic Accessories are made with the highest quality materials to ensure the best possible performance and lifetime of the tools.

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