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Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Tappers


Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Tappers are immaculate for low-cost, motorized hole tapping in applications where high accuracy is not mandated. These Self-Feed Air Tappers are perfect for thread-chasing process. Clutch-type tapping units can be used for both blind and thru-hole applications. All series are self-contained and have a modifiable stroke length. Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Pneumatic Tappers comprise drill categories such as Ingersoll Rand Bant-a-Matic Self-feed Tappers, Ingersoll Rand Par-a-Matic Clutch-type Self-feed Tappers, and Ingersoll Rand Par-a-Matic Jaw-Type Self-feed Tappers. Fitted with the appropriate tapping heads, they provide performance freedom and a prime grade of preciseness to automate an expansive degree of secondary machining applications simply and economically. Adjustment screw provides infinite stroke length settings. The ball-bearing spindle support offers accurate and extended service life. Supplied with a damped exhaust, it creates a quieter work environment. These tools can easily be installed, requiring only simple pneumatic circuitry. They can also be used exclusively or with additional Ingersoll Rand electric and pneumatic tools. Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Tappers are vastly recognized for their premium value and producing exceptional results.

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