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Ingersoll Rand Rotary-Vane Air Motors


Ingersoll Rand Rotary-Vane Air Motors milling and sawing motors have been used on such diverse applications as milling screw slots in molded fiberglass and straddle milling a 3/4” hex shape on round bar stock. For cost reduction in secondary machining, it is feasible to install a mill motor on the cross-slide of a machine to mill or spotface a slot or diameter on the outside diameter of a workpiece. ARO’s mill motor range covers the majority of primary and secondary machining applications. Industrial milling cutters are available in a wide variety of kinds, sizes and shapes for specific applications. Certain basic types are normally used with ARO milling motors. Vane motors are available in a broad range of speeds, torques and power and are the most widely used type of air motor.


End Mills (Figure 1): These are designed for milling slots, keyways and pockets where arbor-type cutters cannot be applied. The cutting edges, as the name implies, are at the end of the mill rather than on the circumference.

Shell End Mills (Figure 2): Similar in application to standard end mills, except that they are mounted to an arbor and used whenever the diameter of a standard end mill is too small for the application.

Woodruff Keyslot Cutters (Figure 3): Used for cutting keyslots in arbors or shafts for standard Woodruff keys. Available in arbor-type or shank-type.

Plain Metal-Slitting Saws (Figure 4): These cutters are designed with teeth around the entire circumference. Sides are concave to provide clearance in cutoff operations and for slotting heads of screws and shafts.

Side Milling Cutters (Figure 5): Used for milling plain and flat surfaces.


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