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Bit Holders

Bit holders are used in conjunction with insert bits to prevent scrapping an entire tool once its useful life has been reached. For example, with the traditional one piece power bit, once the tip of the bit wears out you must throw away the entire tool in the process wasting the steel shank that was perhaps not worn out. With a bit holder, the user simply replaces the insert bit tip; thus keeping the bit holder which results in reduced waste and spend. It should be noted however, that if maximum ridgidity and minimized run out are critical factors, consumers should still opt for a one piece power bit.

Apex bit holders adapt male hex drive (i.e. - impact wrenches) and female square drive power tools (i.e. - pneumatic screwdrivers with quick change chucks) to a variety of insert bit types. Bit holders are offered in plain, magnetic, quick release, or with a knurled o-ring style retainer.