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Reseller Information


Last updated June 3rd, 2024


Most of what we offer on our website can be shipped to locations around the globe. However, due to the high volume of resale inquiries we receive daily, we are unable to provide formal, hard copy, PDF quotations for every inquiry. In lieu of formal quotations we often respond with "quick quotes" containing all the pertinent information requested.

Please find answers to the most commonly asked resale related questions below:


Pricing: The prices on our website are current, competitive and accurate. Please use the pricing with confidence.


Minimum Offline Export Resale Order Size: $1000 USD


Minimum Offline Domestic Resale Order Size: $100 USD

If your order size falls below the guidelines above, please place your order directly on our online store using PayPal or Wire Transfer as the payment option at checkout.


Lead Times: Estimated lead times are shown on the "Availability" section of the individual product pages. Lead times published are based on the best information currently available. Please note that much of what we sell is sourced from the respective manufacturers. All factory orders are subject to manufacturing and supply chain related delays which are beyond our control. Please understand, we are not the manufacturer of the goods, we are only distributors.


Payment Methods Accepted: We accept bank transfer or PayPal for international transactions and credit card for domestic transactions.

Weight: Weights are shown on the product page under the "weight" section. You may also visit the respective manufacturers website for more information.


Package Dimensions: We are unable to quote exact dimensions because more often that not, we do not have the physical packages here. As stated above, much of what we sell is sourced from the respective manufacturers. If necessary, we recommend you contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about the dimensions of the specific products you are inquiring about.

Shipping: We can ship to your state or country for an extra fee. We use UPS and FEDEX for domestic and DHL Express for international. We cover all our shipments with insurance without exception, and this charge will be included in the shipping cost. The shipping fee will be added to our pro forma invoice at the time of order. If you need to estimate shipping in advance we recommend that you contact UPS, FEDEX or DHL Express for a price quote.


EXW: We do not currently accept pick ups from third party carriers due to the drastic increase in the amount of paperwork and email this arrangement causes. We only ship with DHL express door to door service, duties unpaid (DDU), shipping insurance included.

Country of Origin: We will advise the country of origin of the goods in our price quote and/or pro-forma invoice.

Certificates: All Certificates (Origin, Conformity, Chamber of Commerce, Quantity and Quality, Etc.) will incur a $100 USD per certificate fee.

Payment: International transactions must be paid by bank transfer 100% in advance. For domestic transactions we accept all major credit cards. In order for a transaction to be considered domestic, the billing address and shipping address must both be in the United States.

Bank Fee:
 We charge a $25.00 USD incoming wire transfer fee to cover fees charged to us by our financial institution.

Catalogs / Data Sheet: We offer an extensive listing of of PDF catalogs on our website that contain many of the most commonly requested specifications. Please visit - for more information. If the requested catalog or data sheet is not found we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the goods to obtain the information requested.

Quote Validity: All quotes whether emailed, PDF, formal, informal, or otherwise should be deemed valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. Website pricing subject to change at any time.