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Designed to not only lift heavy loads but to also "float" them, both Spring and Pneumatic Balancers provide precision to manual movement and placement. These intelligent lifting devices remove the need for up and down controls by sensing user force input and translating it to precise vertical motion. To balance a consistent load, tool balancers, load balancers, and spring balancers are perfect. As a result, the location is preserved even after the associated tool is utilized. Air tool balancers provide fatigue-free operation even over extended periods of time. Ideal for applications where hands-on load control is required. Tool retractors help to keep commonly used tools within operators reach and aid in the weight support of heavy tools, decreasing workers fatigue. They have a retractable wire that suspends tools above the working area, reducing clutter and the risk of unintended harm to equipment that would otherwise be in the way.

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