Hook and Loop Discs

Hook and Loop Sanding Discs are sanding pads made of aluminum oxide which is widely considered the go-to choice in the abrasive world. Hook and Loop Sandpapers are a great choice for most wood and metal applications and offer a clean work environment with minimal dust. Hook and Loop Discs are compatible with many eccentric orbital sanders and Velcro-backed abrasive discs. Hook-and-loop paper uses a fuzzy backing that sticks to the bottom of a sander. It can be pulled off and reused before the abrasive on the paper wears out. This system makes them equally easy to remove, which is useful when you reuse your discs or need to switch to a different type of abrasive while working. They have an extremely strong and durable hook-and-loop fastening system to maintain secure attachment at high speeds, and save operators time when switching discs between grades or applications. Hook & Loop Discs are available in different material types and coarse and fine grit sizes, making it easy for you to choose as per your sanding needs. International Air Tool Co. offers sanding discs from the leading brands in the industry. Hook & Loop Sanding Discs offered by International Air Tool Co. are the best performing, longest lasting sanding hook and loop discs with superior performance and fast removal rates.

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