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File Belts

The extensive selection of coated and non-woven abrasive short and long belts is made specifically for the belt grinders that are widely available from International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company for use in a variety of processes such as face-down grinding, belt grinding, peripheral grinding, surface conditioning, polishing, and more. Abrasive belts, which are looped sheets of sandpaper or abrasive grit, are used in belt sanders to deburr wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. They provide more level surfaces and can cover a larger area faster than grinding wheels. Wide belts are used to sand floors or remove peeling paint because they can cover a large surface area. Sanding or spot-finishing smaller workpieces, like tabletops, is done with thin belts. Abrasive belts are available in a wide range of diameters, materials, and grits to fit the majority of a belt grinders for most dimensioning, intermediate grinding, and polishing applications.

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