International Shipping

At International Air Tool, we realize that in todays global economy the fluid movement of goods across borders is critical. We have the logistical expertise required to ensure your products arrive at their final destination in timely fashion and at a reasonable price. 

We use the following carriers for the international shipment of cartons:


Payments - All international transactions are carried out by wire (TT) transfer. We do not accept international credit cards for payment due to the prevalence of internet fraud.

Documents - Shipping documents provided with each delivery / pick up include: 

  • Commercial invoice (in 3 copies)
  • Air Way Bill
  • Packing Slip
  • Certificate of Conformance (upon request)
  • Certificate of Origin Certified by Chamber of Commerce (upon request, extra fees apply)
  • Certificates of Quantity and Quality (upon request, extra fees apply)

For help placing an international order please call 001-619-795-7955 or fill out the contact form below