The estimates from the National Institutes of Health suggest that hearing loss due to hazardous noise (above 85 dBA) in the work environment afflicts 28 million Americans. The hearing loss at work due to noise can be avoided by wearing high-quality ear-muffs such as 3M earmuffs that fit well with most helmets, eyewear, and other safety equipment. Carefully molded sliders ensure the earmuffs are easy to adjust when on the head. Earmuffs have rigid cups with soft plastic cushions that seal around the ears to block noise. Muffs come in one-position or multi-position bands and are also sold in styles for attachment to hard hats. Cushions may be filled with foam, liquid, or a combination; let personal preference be your guide. For sustained exposures to very loud noises, or if you feel the need for more protection, wear muffs and plugs together (dual protection) for an additional noise reduction. The application of this ear-muffs includes but is not limited to gunshot-prone areas, heavy noisy power tools, chain saws, leaf blowers, aircraft-prone areas, music production areas, and nuisance traffic areas. These Earmuffs meet the required industrial regulatory standards.

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