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Hand Warmers

The air-activated, long-lasting Hand Warmer Packs instantly provide extended hours of heat. The pockets of a jacket, gloves, or other warm accessories, such as shoes, sneakers, or boots, are the perfect places to keep them. For activation, just open the pack. When the all-natural ingredients are exposed to oxygen, they begin to heat up, no batteries required. You can also shake the pack to help it warm up faster. The Hand Warmer packs are made of non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. They're also disposable and compact, making them ideal for on-the-go use. Packs are not reusable and must be discarded after use. Ideal for construction and mining workers who are exposed to the elements on the job. Furthermore, they provide much-needed warmth while hunting, fishing, skiing, or participating in other cold-weather outdoor activities.

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