Hearing Protection | Ear Plugs

When loud machinery is operating or when there are high noise levels present, hearing protection devices prevent hearing loss. Hearing protection is given a noise reduction rating (NRR) to indicate how much noise is muffled before it reaches the ear in decibels (dB). In order to prevent noise-induced hearing damage, OSHA regulations require workers to wear ear protection that lowers exposure to below 85 dB over the duration of an average 8-hour work shift (NIHL). A pair of earmuffs fits over the ears, and earplugs go in the ear canal. Earmuffs and earplugs offer comparable levels of security. Noise-cancelling communication Electronics in earplugs and headsets enable one-way or two-way communication between employees. Workers are taught how to properly utilise earplugs using hearing conservation and testing systems.

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