CS Unitec Annular Cutters


CS Unitec Annular Cutters are specialized bits that offer efficient and effortless drilling through metal. CS Unitec Annular Cutters cut through the stock rather than tearing or ripping through like typical hole saws do. The annular cutter set for hand drill pneumatic sheet metal cutter features a 3 cutting edge geometry for smooth and easy machining, conically grinded spiral for clean chip removal and thus longer tool life. Pneumatic cutting also includes applications like magnetic hole cutting machines, pillar drilling machines, and radial drilling machines. Annular cutters are generally produced from high speed steels (HSS) and tungsten carbide tip (TCT). High Speed Steel Annular Cutters with unique teeth geometry, provide clear-cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface, and long tool life. They can be widely used in drilling steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, in either plate or pipe form. The Tungsten Carbide Annular Cutters are used to drill in hardened materials such as hardox steel, stainless steels and high tensile strength steels such as railway tracks. Air cutters are installed into magnetic-base drills, drill presses, and milling machines to make smooth-walled, burr-free holes in one pass. They use less power, create less torque, produce fewer chips, and deliver precise burr-free holes to close tolerances with no pre-drilling or step drilling processes. CS Unitec offers a wide index of impactful annular cutters for hand drills, magnetic drills, and multiple other machine tool applications. From thin sheet metal to thick plate materials, CS Unitec has the solution.

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