Air Tool and Diaphragm Pump Repair



International Air Tool Company is your expert source for pneumatic tool and diaphragm pump repair. Our factory trained technicians possess over 25 years experience repairing industrial grade air tool and diaphragm pumps. We work on most major brands of the following tools: 

Impact Wrenches - Pneumatic Grinders - Drill Motors -  Pavement Breakers - Chipping Hammers - Rivet Busters - Diaphragm Pumps - Needle Scalers - Pneumatic Screwdrivers - Electric Screwdrivers - POP Riveters - Aircraft Riveters - Pneumatic Saws - Routers - Sand Rammers - Tampers - Rock Drills


Evaluation Fee -  $50.00 Per Tool (Waived if Quoted Repairs Are Approved)

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Shop Rates - $85.00 Per Hour + Parts

All Work Includes a 30 Day Warranty


To Place a Repair Order, Fill Out The Form Below And Ship The Tools To:

International Air Tool Repair Department: 3574 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA 92110
IMPORTANT: Please Include a Summary of What's Wrong With Each Tool 
 - We Will Acknowledge Receipt of Your Shipment Once it Arrives 
 - We charge a $50.00 Evaluation Fee Per Tool, Which is Waived If you Proceed with the Quoted Repairs
 - Please Allow 1 Week for Evaluation and Quotation 
 - Please Allow 2 to 4 Weeks for Repair and Return Shipping