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Cordless Torque Multipliers

Ingersoll Rand QX Series Cordless Torque Multipliers reduce bolting times and labor costs, while ensuring repeatable accuracy on all torque-critical joints. Designed with a powerful 20 volt battery, best in class Norbar gearbox, and an efficient, closed-loop transducer, the Ingersoll Rand Torque Multiplier offers quality, control, and programmability that all add up to increased productivity on the jobsite.


  • Accuracy: Closed-loop transducer control at the heart of the tool delivers precise torque and accurate, traceable results— Precision when you need it most.
  • Control: Multi-function display module allowing for quick setup and feedback on every QX Series torque multiplier. User-programmable configurations such as torque, angle and gang count that reduce the number of tools required for multiple applications.
  • Comfort: Cordless and compact, the QX Series™ Torque Multiplier allows operators to move freely without the need of bulky air or hydraulic hoses, compressors, pumps, or powerpacks.
  • Communication:  USB standard, wireless communication optional. Data management, process control, and the ability to adjust tool configurations (Ethernet, fieldbus and I/O capable)
  • Versatility: Fast programming that makes the tool adaptable to multiple applications. Cordless and portable, allows operators to move freely around any workplace or environment. HAZ TOOL Class 1 Division 2 options available. Available in either pistol or angle configurations.

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