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Torque Multipliers

In its simplest form, a torque multiplier is a tool used to apply a mechanical advantage to a fastener. Through the use of epicyclic or planetary gearing, torque output is multiplied throughout the progressive stages of the gearing. Originally developed to eliminate the use of cheater bars and to apply higher torque values in restricted spaces, the modern day torque multiplier is highly regarded for precisely delivering large amounts of torque in industrial bolting applications. When used in conjunction with a torque reaction bar, powered torque multipliers offer a safe and accurate way to apply high levels of torque to large nuts and bolts. Torque multipliers are commonly found in the agriculture, heavy equipment, truck and trailer, infrastructure, rail, petroleum, and wind power industries.

International Air Tool Company offers Ingersoll Rand Cordless Torque Multipliers capable of reaching up to 1475 ft. lbs. and Sioux-Norbar Pneumatic Torque Multipliers that will produce up to 6000 ft. lbs of torque.

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