Master Power Screwdrivers

Master Power Pneumatic Screwdrivers....A complete line of air tools to help keep your production schedules tight!


Powerful, High Torque Output Motors: Master Power screwdrivers are designed to provide slightly more torque than required by the largest fastener on which the tool will be used. Torque can then be controlled by the addition of a clutch or by regulating air pressure.

Integrated Quick Change Chuck: Many Master Power Pneumatic Screwdrivers are equipped with quick change bit adapters to allow for rapid bits changes and positive retention of 1/4" bits such as Apex power drive bits, bit and finder combinations, insert bit holders, socket adapters and other fastening accessories.

Reversibility: All Master Power Screwdrivers and Air Nutrunners are standard equipped with reverse. Reversibility allows production line operators to remove rusted, cross threaded, or over tightened fasteners quickly and easily.


Rugged Construction + Ergonomics: The science of human engineering is designed into each and every Master Power Screwdriver to provide maximum control and operator comfort. The weight and shape of a specific tool are determined by the selection of the proper air motor for the tool's duty rating. Many Master Power Tool housings are shaped to fit the contours of the human hand while providing a lightweight yet functional jacket for the tool. Other Master Power products offer rugged, functional handles which make them easily maneuverable and allows direct pressure to be applied in critical applications. Regardless, each housing is designed to withstand years of production use while providing maintenance free service.

Heavy Duty Spiral Bevel Gears: These gears are found in Master Power angle head tools and are made of strong. extra durable materials to provide smooth, efficient power transmission and long trouble free service life.

Planetary Gears: To provide maximum service life, Master Power's wide selection of planetary gearing is made from strong, specially heat treated materials. Gears are carefully engineered and precision cut to special form. They achieve maximum strength, carry high speed, and transmit power in a small space. The entire system is supported on precision ball bearings which can be externally lubricated.