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Fire Gas & Water Protection


International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company provides a wide variety of Fire, Gas & Water Protection equipment. The extinguishing fires, halting the spread of flames, and assisting evacuees are all accomplished with the aid of the fire equipment. To offer an emergency exit from a building's upper level, escape ladders attach to window sills. The use of fire-barrier goods, also known as firestops, aids in limiting the spread of fire and smoke. The small fires can be put out with fire blankets, or they can be used as a wrap to protect someone from a fire. The fire extinguishers use chemical or water sprays to put out small fires. To put out major fires, fire hoses and fire-hose nozzles attach to a pressurized supply of water or fire retardant. The safety alarms and warnings send out an audible or visual signal to alert people to potentially hazardous situations that could endanger their health or safety. To sound a warning or provide a message in an emergency, audible alarms operate with security or fire alarm systems. When they detect excessive CO levels or smoke in the air around them, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors sound an alarm. Weather radios, outdoor warning systems, and lightning detectors all send out alerts or offer weather-related information. The continuous monitoring of a particular area is provided by fixed gas detectors. For a suitable gas detector, automated gas detector test systems keep calibration and keep track of data. Testing the sensitivity of gas detectors involves using calibration gas. Multiple gas sensors are controlled by gas-detection control panels, which also transmit the state of a detection system and establish thresholds for alert and warning activation.

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