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Circuit Breaker Lockouts

The Electrical systems are safeguarded by circuit breakers in the case of an overload or short circuit. They also go by the name "circuit protectors," and they cut off the power when the levels are too high to prevent harm to people on the premises or deterioration of machinery and electronics. They can be reset to return to normal operation, unlike fuses. Miniature circuit breakers can be located in panelboards, load centers, on DIN rails, or on the front of an electrical panel and have low current ratings. Molded case circuit breakers having all of its trip components, mechanisms, and current-carrying portions housed inside of a molded insulating container. Compared to tiny circuit breakers, they have larger interrupt ratings. Hazardous location enclosed circuit breakers are totally enclosed to avoid sparking or water damage and are utilized in locations where hazardous products are handled or stored.

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