Repellent Wipes & Sprays

The Insect Repellent Wipe & Spray combines an insect repellent solution with a large, lint-free wipe and spray. The insect repellent formulation with DEET provides a safe, yet the very effective level of protection. The wipe allows for a one-step, controlled application, making it safer to use around the face than an aerosol and pump sprays, with no chance of inhaling mist or fumes. Repellent Spray is a non-DEET solution that repels mosquitos, gnats, chiggers, ticks, biting flies, and other flying insects. Permethrin, a contact pesticide that not only repels but also kills ticks and mosquitoes that come into contact with the treated clothing, prevents disease transmission. This mixture sticks to any cloth for an extended period. It protects for up to two weeks after washing. The small aerosol package makes application easy and accurate, although it should not be used on the skin. When applied, the solution is waterproof and greaseless, so it will not interfere with activities or jobs. Wipes and spray are both used, and any outdoor utility/petrochemical worker who is exposed to insects while wearing flame-resistant clothing should apply FR Clothing Insect Repellent for protection.

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