First Aid Kits

The First Aid Kits aid in reducing the risk of infection or the severity of an injury. First aid packs often include a variety of materials for treating cuts, scrapes, and injuries such as sprains and burns. First aid is medical assistance that is typically provided immediately following an injury and at the location of the harm. It is often a one-time, brief treatment that requires little equipment or competence. The First Aid Kit comes in a weatherproof plastic and steel casing that protects the contents from dust and moisture and is sturdy enough for tool chests and under cab compartment storage. The storage container has a lock to keep it locked, a handle for transferring it to the scene of an accident, and a wall mount for installing it on a wall or other flat vertical surface. The package includes bandages, topical treatments, and other first-aid products to treat small cuts and burns, major cuts and scratches, significant bleeding and burns, and CPR assistance. Among the equipments included are an emergency first aid guide, forceps, adhesive strips, and scissors.

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