236 Series Grinder | Inline | 0.9 HP


Durable, powerful, and lightweight are the exact features needed in demanding fields like foundries, shipyards, and other heavy industries world-wide. The Cleco 236 Series Pneumatic Grinders offer the ultimate versatility and ruggedness with an advanced alloy housing and an ultra-compact angle head. In its signature high visibility Cleco orange hue, these inline grinders are available with side and rear exhaust models.


  • Robust and efficient 0.9HP motor
  • Many variations available to meet any range of performance needs
  • Accommodates up to 1” ( 25mm) Carbide Burrs, 4” (100mm) Type 1 Wheels, 5” (125mm) Type 27 Wheels, and 1.25” (31mm) Cone or Plug Wheel

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