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Pistol Grip Needle and Chisel Scalers

International Air Tool Company supplies a wide range of pistol grip needle and chisel scalers, (also commonly referred to as needle guns). Pistol grip needle scalers are better suited to work located directly in front of you or above your head. Needle scalers are versatile percussive tools that can reduce the number of man hours required to perform surface preparation tasks and are often used in ship building, paint and blast, fabrications shops, and foundries.

Some needle guns hit faster with shorter strokes, while others hit less frequently, but with longer strokes. The former being better for paint and rust removal, while the latter more effective for welding flux removal. Keep in mind that harder needle scalers with a longer stroke are also going to weigh more, so only choose as big of a needle gun as the job calls for.

For help choosing the correct air powered needle scaler for your specific application, please call (800) 608-5210 or email