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Ingersoll Rand 8205-A Air Motor | Direct Drive | Non-Reversible | 14,000 RPM | 2.0 HP

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Ingersoll Rand Air Motor 8205-A In-line Planetary Gear Box, Multi-Vane. Non-Reversible.


  • Model Number: 8205-A
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 8205-A
  • Max Power: 2.0 HP
  • Spindle: 7/8" Keyed
  • Free Speed: 14,000 RPM
  • Load Speed at Max Torque: 7000 RPM
  • Torque Stall: 2.85 lb. ft.
  • Torque Output at Max HP: 1.5 lb. ft.
  • Air Consumption at Free Speed (No Load): 95 SCFM
  • Sound Level at Free Speed: 80 dB(A)
  • Weight: 13.82 lbs
  • Gear Reduction: Single


  • Will not burn out: Air motors can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without damage.
  • Great for harsh environments: No heat build up or sparks make air motors ideal for use in flammable or explosive applications.
  • Instantly reversible: A four-way valve allows instant motor reversal (on reversible units) with the turn of a valve.
  • Cool Running: A running air motor expands air, allowing motors to operate in temperatures up to 150F and some motors up to 300F with special grease, lube and seals.
  • Compact and Portable: Get maximum horsepower in minimum size.
  • Variable speed: You may utilize a wide range of speeds by using a simple valve on your input air supply line.
  • Minimum maintenance: Our motors have a proven history of long, low maintenance life. All you need to provide is a clean, dry, lubricated air supply.
  • No shock starts: Air cushioned start-up cuts stress to your equipment.
  • Options for thread on Male Square adapter
  • Exhaust manifold and muffler rotates 360 degrees
  • Foot Bracket Option

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One year warranty against manufacturer defects with Ingersoll Rand.
manufacturer part number:
7/8" keyed
torque stall:
2.85 lb. ft.
model number:
Free Speed (RPM):
14,000 rpm
load speed at max torque:
7000 rpm
Air Consumption @ Free Speed:
95 scfm
Sound Level DB(A) @ Free Speed:
80 db(a)
Motor (HP):
2.0 hp
torque output at max hp:
1.5 lb. ft.
13.82 lbs
gear reduction: