MLK Series Air Hoists (1/4 Ton to 6 Ton Capacity)


Ingersoll Rand MLK and MLK Series Air Hoists - 1/4 Ton Through 6 Ton Lifting Capacities

The Ingersoll Rand MLK Series family of air hoists is suitable for A5 / H5 severe-duty use in the .25 to 1 ton range. The MLK series is designed for high speed production use while the MLKS (the "S" in the model number stands for slow speed) is better suited to precision load spotting.

The HLK series utilizes a larger diameter chain wheel to accommodate 3/8" diameter chain and a lower gear ratio to handle increased load capacities. HLK series hoists are offered in 1 ton through 6 ton capacities. All units in the HLK series are rated for use in harsh environments.

Both the MLK and HLK series air hoists can be ordered with bullard hooks, chain containers, and an assortment of suspension options. Please contact us for help selecting the ideal Ingersoll Rand Air Host for your work environment.

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