Hercu-Link High Capacity Air Hoists

With its uniquely modular, versatile and compact design, the Hercu-Link Air Hoists consistently delivers the utmost in safety, durability and strength and is able to suit even the most demanding applications.  The Hercu-Link Air Hoist features all steel construction that is able to perform every job with precision and efficiency.  With a wide selection of Hercu-Link air hoist models available, you can be sure to find the right model for the job, whether it’s a nuclear or conventional power generation, shipyard or construction applications or offshore rigging.  The Hercu-Link Air Hoist offers enhanced safety, durability and reliability, all at a reasonable price.

Featuring all steel construction, the Hercu-Link air hoist is durable and versatile in its design.  With a compact design that can easily replace older manual chain hoists in many industrial applications, it provides 100% duty cycle with true vertical lift in all applications.  Its compact planetary gearing is fully enclosed, and the alloy steel load chain is zinc plated to provide resistance to corrosion.  It features corrosion resistant and stainless steel pins and fasteners, and the radial piston air motor ensures superior spotting control.  The enclosed bottom load block features water drains and grease points.  Lifting lugs are present for easy installation, and the user has the option of a pendant or pull rope control.

The Hercu-Link air hoist features enhanced safety features, such as an automatic, multi-disc, oil bath and motor brake, and all non-oil bath bearings can be re-greased.  It has a 5:1 design factor, and is designed for compliance with ANSI / ASME B30.7 hoist standards.  The Hercu-Link also has are upper and lower limit travel switches.

The radial piston air motor provides unmatched spotting control, and is superior in torque to vane motors.  The proportional control allows for precise load placement, and its tough design is well-suited for harsh environments.

The design of the Hercu-Link air hoists is highly versatile to ensure that it suits any application.  The hoists can be hook mounted or, to minimize headroom, can be integrally mounted to geared, plain or motorized trolley suspensions.  A number of engineered options are available, such as chain containers, Accu-trol pendant or pull rope control, variable lengths of lift, 60 psi applications packages, spark and corrosion resistant packages, emergency stop systems, air preparation packages, rubber hull bumpers and a trolley drive disc break.  Several models are available, including underwater models and hydraulic models.

The Hercu-Link air hoists are suitable for hazardous explosion proof environments.  Unlike electric motors, air motors provide explosion proof protection.  Spark and corrosion resistant versions of the Hercu-Link are available, and the zinc plated load chain comes standard in all models.

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