CLK Series Hoists (1/8 Ton to 1/2 Ton Capacity)

Ingersoll Rand CLK Series Hoists are designed for production lifting applications and loads up to 1100 lbs (1/2 Ton). The CLK-Series is the newest addition to Ingersoll Rand’s line of industrial grade air hoists. Exceptional durability with an ASME HST-5 rating of A5 (FEM/ISO mechanism classification of 1Am/M4) the CLK Series hoist are duty-rated to operate 800 full-load hours between tear down and re-build.

  • Meets ASME B30.16 Specifications and Certifications
  • Rugged, lightweight and compact design
  • Disc brake is non-asbestos and spring engaged with air release
  • Quiet, low decibel output operation
  • Upper and lower limit stops prevent dangerous over-travel of the load hook
  • Full flow pendent provides maximum control and enhanced load positioning and spotting
  • 100% duty cycle multi-vane (6 vane) air motor
  • Hook or trolley mounted versions available
  • Steel snap hooks with safety latchesStandard lift is 10 feet; additional lifts are available
  • Standard pendent length is 6 feet or 4 feet less than lift

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