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Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Offset Drills


Par-A-Matic Series Self-Feed Offset Drills

ARO Automatic Offset Drills are designed to accomodate an unusual part or fixture configuration. Also, they may be grouped in a fixture to produce holes with a centerline distance as low as 1.5"

Offset drills are easily installed, they only require a simple pneumatic circuitry. They may also be used with other pneumatic or electric ARO Automatic Production Tools.


3/16" Capacity, Steel 50 HP


  • Designed with a built-in four-way valve which allows for both manual and remote operation.
  • The double-acting air piston will provide smooth, controlled forward and retractable strokes.
  • With infinite stroke length adjustments up to a maximum  of 2.0"
  • The feed rate adjustment screws for the forward and retract strokes allow for optimum hole quality and cycle time.
  • A muffled exhaust allows for a quieter work experience.
  • Selection of mounting brackets to meet your installation requirements.