Heavy Duty IRAX Balancers


Ingersoll Rand IRAX Heavy Duty Balancers are designed to suspend heavy loads in both production and maintenance applications.

  • Ribbed and sealed one piece cast aluminum construction
  • Heavy duty stainless steel load cable
  • Integrated safety device prevents against dropped loads in the event of spring breakage
  • Built in locking device can be set to suspend the load at any height within the range
  • Upper swivel suspension with safety latch hook.
  • Adjustable stroke limiting device.
  • Anti-friction cable guide extends balancer service life

industrial-tools-parts-breakdown.pngLooking for more information about Ingersoll Rand Spring Balancers? Click here to view the Ingersoll Rand Spring Balancer Catalog.

For help choosing the correct Ingersoll Rand Balancer for your application, please call (800) 608-5210 or email info@intlairtool.com.