Ingersoll Rand Needle and Chisel Scalers


Ingersoll Rand offer offers percussive finishing tools configured as either needle or chisel scalers. Both styles are offered in either the straight or pistol grip design. Choose the style of tool based on the orientation of the work and how aggressively you need to remove material. A chisel scaler is just a needle scaler without the needle scaler attachment installed on it.

Ingersoll Rand needle scalers are equipped with a set of 19 needles that are best suited to rust and paint removal. The tips of the needles repeatedly hit and break apart the material to be removed. The defining characteristics of needle scalers are the tools piston bore, stroke length, and blows per minute delivered to the work. Smaller tools are lighter and hit faster, while larger tools hit slower, but harder. Given the difference in weight, the number of hours the operator will use the tool should be considered when making a size selection. Replacement needles are sold separately as 19 needle sets or in bulk. Remove the tools needle scaler attachment all together to make it into a chisel scaler that accepts bits with a 1/2" Ingersoll Rand style shank.

Ingersoll Rand chisel scalers are scraping tools that accept 1/2" shank Ingersoll Rand chisel bits. Use these tools in conjunction with your favorite style chisel bit for scraping off old coatings or weld splatter. Whereas a needle scaler delivers a direct blow to the work surface, a chisel scaler takes advantage of the sharp edge of the chisel bit to peel material from the surface beneath it. Purchase a needle scaler attachment to convert your chisel scaler into a needle scaler for a more universal tool. Similar to needle scalers, the stroke length and blows per minute vary from model to model.

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