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Two-Stage Bare Pumps


All Single and Two Stage Air compressors are configured with a durable cast iron design for 100% continuous duty use, featuring an overhung crankshaft, one piece connecting rods and individually cast cylinders. A two-stage model compresses air to an intermediate pressure in the first stage, removes heat of compression through an intercooler, and compresses air to a final pressure in a second compression stage. Two-Stage compressors are more efficient and are generally used for pressures above 100 PSI (maximum pressure to 175 PSI).

No other Reciprocating Compressor offers these efficient, cost-saving features:

  • A durable cast iron pump which provides 15,000+ hours of trouble-free service.
  • A 100% copper finned intercooler lowers operating temperatures and extends pump life.
  • An overhung crankshaft and single-piece connecting rod allow access to the running gear for easy maintenance.
  • Individually cast cylinders provide flexible, less expensive maintenance on just one cylinder at a time rather than servicing the entire pump.


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