Air Compressor Dryers

Ingersoll Rand Air Dryers offer multiple design features to ensure a constant dew point at all load levels and will deliver a continuous dry air performance that satisfies ISO 7183 industry standards. Having a quality air supply can have a significant impact on compressed air systems that is why choosing the appropriate air dryer is very important. It is especially important in applications where moisture or contamination can cause system corrosion or damage to air-powered tools.


  • Bottom-Line Efficiency: Corrosion-resistant heat exchangers provide more efficient throughput with less wasted energy with the built-in demister efficiency removes all moisture
  • Built-In Reliability: Contains multiple design features that ensure a constant dew point at all load levels
  • Easy Serviceability: The small footprint and ease of accessibility simplifies routine maintenance
  • Consistent Clean, Dry Air: Delivers continuous clean, dry air performance that meets ISO 7183 industry standards with less corrosion in the air distribution system
  • Energy Efficiency:  Energy saving mode shuts dryer off during low loads

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