PSA Discs | Peel & Stick Discs


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive or PSA Sanding discs are an economical, high-efficiency choice of sanding paper discs. They are widely used abrasive sanding discs, with application on different surface quality levels, from coarse to very fine including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cast steel, plastics, wood, fiberglass, and other non-ferrous metals. These self-adhesive backing are meant to be conveniently attached to various power tools such as orbitals sanders, rotary sanders, disc sanders and belt disc sanders. These PSA discs are resistant to heat and have great grain adhesion to help achieve an optimal sanding result in cases of surface sanding and polishing, grinding, rust and paint removal, deburring and weld blending. In terms of abrasives, Aluminum Oxide discs offer a fast cut cleaning up, and finishing metal parts and surfaces. On the other hand, rubber is the most cost effective PSA disc and offers quick stick capability. However, Rubber adhesive is not recommended for high heat applications. Abrasive PSA Discs are available in multiple material types and coarse and fine grit sizes, making it effortless to pick out according to your sanding needs. International Air Tool Co. offers sanding PSA discs from the leading brands in the industry. PSA grinding discs offered by International Air Tool Co. are the best performing, longest lasting sanding discs with advanced overall performance and speedy removal rates.

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