Sanding Discs

From rough material stock removal to fine polishing, International Air Tool Co. supplies an extensive catalog of sanding discs and other abrasives to help you succeed at any job at hand. When selecting a sanding disc you want to make sure you are using the proper abrasive material depending on the material you are working with as well as an appropriate grit size. For example, aluminum oxide which is widely considered the go-to choice in the abrasive world, is a great choice for most wood and metal applications. Another common abrasive material is Zirconia alumina, these sanding discs are ideal for more heavy duty material removal applications and excel at work under high pressure. On the other hand, silicon carbide discs are better suited for grinding cast iron, steel and titanium alloys, and even glass and rubber. Ceramic resin fiber sanding discs also perform best on hard metals. They are commonly used in deburring, deflashing, descaling, stripping, and fast cutting applications. Similarly, when choosing a suitable sandpaper grit size, you should keep in mind the type of work you desire from it. Sandpaper grits are categorized according to the coarseness of the paper, which is determined by the size of the abrasive particles used. In other words, lower numbers signify larger, coarser grits. For example, sandpaper grit with low numbers (60-grit) cuts through old paint and rough edges with ease, while the ones with greater grit size (320-grit) achieve a level of smoothness on all types of materials.

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