PFERD Burrs & Hole Saws


Known for their high quality standards, PFERD Abrasive jump-started the widespread growth trend of stainless steel products more than 10 years earlier in the European market. PFERD Burrs & Hole Saws are internationally known for highest possible levels of concentricity and consistency.


  • If possible, mount burrs on high-powered drives with elastically mounted spindles to avoid vibration.
  • For cost-effective use of burrs with a shank diameter > 1/4”, a power tool output of 300–500 watts is required when used at a higher rotational speed and peripheral speed.
  • Use the highest rotational speed possible within the recommended rotational speed and peripheral speed ranges.
  • For applications with low stock removal (deburring, chamfering, minor work on surfaces), the rotational speed can be increased by up to 100% (this excludes extended shank burrs).


  • Use only rigid clamping systems and power tools as impacts on the burrs and burr chatter lead to premature wear.


  • The burr surface in contact with the work piece must not exceed 1/3 of the total burr surface. Failure to comply with this recommendation will result in rough milling behavior and possibly in broken teeth. If this cannot be avoided, we recommend using the TOUGH cut.


  • In general, burrs are used counterrotationally or with a swinging motion. To achieve finer finishes, pass the bur rapidly over the work piece in the direction of rotation.

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