Flap Drums

A comprehensive selection of coated and non-woven abrasive tools are available from International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company for use in various processes, including face-down grinding, belt grinding, peripheral grinding, surface conditioning, polishing, and more. We stock a great variety of Abrasive flap drums used in various industrial applications. These Abrasive Flap Drums are a special type of abrasive wheel made up of overlapping strips of abrasive material attached to a central hub. They are used on a wide variety of materials to remove rust, paint, and other surface contaminants. Abrasive flap drums can be used with a variety of power tools such as grinders, sanders, and rotary tools. They are designed to provide a uniform and consistent finish on the workpiece. The abrasive material used in flap drums is usually sintered aluminum oxide, but other materials such as silicon carbide, diamond, and ceramic can also be used. International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company offers a wide selection of abrasive flap drums in various sizes, shapes, and grits to meet the needs of any application.

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