7" Flap Discs

7" Flap Discs are utilized to increase productivity and reduce total grinding and finishing costs. 7 Inch Diameter Flap Discs are great for use on miter joints, corners, and edges. While these discs perform on all power outputs, high-powered angle grinders will achieve optimum results. The POLIFAN® ZIRKON has been one of the most efficient flap discs available for years. PFERD has set a new benchmark with the improved, more efficient successor, the POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER. Significantly longer tool life (up to +236%) due to product enhancements and fine-tuning of all components. Higher aggressiveness throughout the entire tool life. Maximum economic value resulting from the increased tool life and aggressiveness. These abrasive discs are ideal for smooth finishing on intricate and ornate surfaces, the Type 27 SAIT Flap Disc has a zero to fifteen degree working angle.

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