2" Flap Discs


2" Flap Discs are utilized to increase productivity and reduce total grinding and finishing costs. 2 Inch Diameter Flap Discs are designed by layering coated abrasive flaps to wear away and expose a new, sharp grain. Mini Flap Discs, particularly useful for weld dressing in hard-to-reach areas. These tools excel in performance when compared to plain coated abrasive discs in terms of service life and grinding performance. Flap discs are known to be easy to use, offer cool cutting and reduced loading with a more consistent finish compared to grinding discs. The Type 27 Flat Shape is great for use on miter joints, corners, and edges. Ideal for smooth finishing on intricate and ornate surfaces, the Type 27 SAIT Flap Disc has a zero to fifteen degree working angle.

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