Carborundum Abrasives Cut Off Wheels


Carborundum Abrasives Cut Off Wheels are designed for general purpose cutting of stainless steel, steel and metal material. Patented 1"/20mm knock-out arbor fits all gas and electric high speed saws. A 20mm bushing is pre-mounted into the 1" molded arbor hole. The wheel, with the 20mm bushing, can be mounted directly on any 20mm arbor high speed saw. With the bushing removed, exposing the 1" arbor hole, the wheel can be mounted on any 1" arbor high speed saw. Once the 20mm bushing is removed, it cannot be replaced.

Markets: Metal fab, welding, metal finishing, construction and MRO.

Machines: Used on portable equipment from angle grinders and straight shaft grinders to chop saws and high speed gas saws. The machine manufacturers are Milwaukee, Metabo, Hilti, Makita, DeWalt, Stihl, Husqvarna among others.

Applications: Typically applications are cutting pipe, sheet metal, grate, on the metal side to asphalt, concrete and building materials on the masonry side.

Cutting With An Angle Grinder:

  • Cut-off wheels can be used on an angle grinder as long as the grinder is properly guarded to accept the cut-off wheel. There is a special guard that covers the wheels on both sides that is available to properly protect the operator and those around the cutting area. Typical accounts include petrochemical refitting, food processing and metal fabricators – but almost every angle grinder used in grinding is also used with a cutting wheel for quick cuts around the shop. Sizes – Diameters of 4" - 9" in type 01 (straight) and type 27 (depressed center). Available in multiple thicknesses depending on customer requirement. Type 27 wheels are available with and without hubs. Mini-Mount Hub – Our unique, patented mini-mount hub used on 4-1/2", 5" and 6" depressed center wheels provides up to 30% more wheel life because the hub covers just a small surface area, providing maximum grinding area exposure and usage.

Cutting With a Chop Saw:

  • Cut-off wheels can be used on a chop saw. Chop saws are generally lower horsepower saws for quick portable applications in the shop or on the job site. Chop saws are generally used for general purpose cutting of smaller diameter pipe (3" and less), angle iron, rebar and steel studs. Sizes – Diameters of 10" - 16" in type 01 (straight).
Cutting With An Inline Grinder:
  • Looks like a small angle grinder but this tool is specifically made to run small cut-off wheels at higher speeds for quick cutting of thin wall sheet metal, fiberglass and other jobs that may require use of a cutting tool in tight areas. Typical accounts include trailers, autobody and boat repair. Sizes – Diameters of 2" - 4" in type 01 (straight).
Cutting With A High Speed Gas Saw:
  • Portable gas saws are the tool of choice for many contractors because they run on gas where many construction sites are without power. Gas saws perform many tasks, cutting a wide range of materials from ganged rebar to masonry brick and block to road patching on asphalt or concrete. Sizes – Diameters of 12" - 16" in type 01 (straight)


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