Cartridge Rolls

The Cartridge Rolls are ideal for work in difficult-to-reach areas. They are made up of spirally wound-coated abrasives. The abrasive grains are embedded in the resinoid coating on the sturdy backing material, resulting in the best abrasive performance possible. Because of their tapered shape, Cartridge Rolls are a tensile yet powerful abrasive that works well for light finishing, roughening, leveling, sharpening, and deburring on both hard and soft metals. Active grinding additives in the coating improve stock removal rate, prevent clogging, and result in better grinding. The lightweight material and compact design make it portable, easily mountable, and detachable in seconds, increasing task productivity. Because of the improved tool life and aggressiveness, these Cartridge Rolls provide the best economic value. The outstanding performance of the cartridge rolls has been found to have increased industrial production. It meets the required industrial regulatory standards.

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